Tips to get closer to waterfowl

Tips to get closer to waterfowl

As a wildlife photographer there are many things to take into account to create great photos.


Sometimes the equipment, skills, and overall technology of it all can be very overwhelming for a new photographer.


One overlooked aspect of it all is blending in to get close to wildlife.


After all, close is crisp and crisp photos are amazing.


Wear olive drab clothing or camo, camo isn't necessary however you want to match the environment around you. I typically wear a sand colored hoodie and olive green pants to blend in.


Use your surroundings to blend. Sit in the shadows with the sun to your back or on a side.


For waterfowl photography, alway keep the wind to your back! This gives you the best option for flying photos since ducks land into the wind.


Use cover that your have around you to hide. cattails or tall grasses make a great hide to blend into the shadow grass.


Cover your lenes with camo or drab colored sleeve. With most telephoto lenses from Sony or Canon being white, this is a must to blend in.


A lot of beginner photographers think, “ well I bought a 200-600mm lens I don't have to get close at all.” - Nothing could be further from the truth.


Taking photos from more that 75 yards away and expecting them to be sharp is just not a reality.


If sharp and clean photos is what you want, than close is where you want your subject. The closer the better!

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